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Public Health Performance management systems can work hand-in-hand with workforce development. Workforce development is the process of honing the skills, strengths, and knowledge of public health employees. By integrating a public health performance management system, leaders can use the real-time updates of activities to better aid in understanding individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Three of the main overlapping areas of workforce development and a public health performance management system include clear goalsetting, measurable progress, and feedback.

Clear, concise goalsetting means a performance management system can do its job to its fullest. A plan in the system will outline the timeline and the steps to get there. This allows employees to fully understand what is expected of them and align their goals with that of the whole department.

With consistent tracking and updates, public health performance management systems help workforce development by allowing them to regularly check in to see an employee’s progress and identify where they may need any support.

The performance management system’s precise monitoring and tracking allows for well-informed, constructive feedback for each employee. Managers can acknowledge the work well done, and assign training where needed.

Through integrating workforce development with a public health performance management system, health departments can create a workspace of continuous improvement. Clear goals yield precise progress measurements, which means both manager and employee alike can receive feedback on how they are doing. The accomplishment of completing goals and seeing what can be improved, all make for a stronger department.

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