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More than just accreditation.

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of all performance indicators to constituents 
VMSG Public allows you to easily share any or all of your performance indicators with your community, partners, and constituents. This brings instant, automated transparency to your department as well as the Public.
3D Planning
linking all plans to identify commonalities, gaps and overlaps 
3D Planning
The Dashboard allows you to index each planning element, document, and program abstract in every plan to one or more categories and subcategories to provide a third dimension to your plans.
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Engage All Levels
of the department and stakeholders in the performance management process
Engage All Levels
The VMSG Dashboard meets all criteria for PHAB Accreditation standard 9.1 and has been granted the "Fully Demonstrated" status--the highest level of compliance for Standard 9.1 offered by PHAB.
PHAB Standard 9.1
"fully demonstrated" performance management system implementation
PHAB Standard 9.1
The VMSG Dashboard has an all-encompassing, automated, accreditation and reaccreditation project plan built directly into the system, which has granted it the "Fully Demonstrated" status--the highest level of compliance for Standard 9.1 offered by PHAB.
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Real-time Planning
simplified collection of real
information from the source
Real-time Planning
Once your plan is in the Dashboard, you can establish automated eMail reminders to each person assigned as an Objective or Activity leader. If the Objectives or Activities are lagging or overdue, the leader will get an email reminding them to update their information.
Document Management
all plan and accreditation related documents
Document Management
Complete, version controlled document management system to allow management of all critical documents for accreditation, policies, grants, etc..  All documents are stored on secure servers and backed up nightly




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