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A graphic of 4 computers.  One computer has the VMSG Dashboard logo, and the other 3 have public health acronyms on their screens: WFD, CHIP, and PHEP.  The 3 latter computers are connected to the first one via dotted lines.




Vision • Mission • Services • Goals

     The VMSG Dashboard Public Health Performance Management System is a comprehensive, Deming/PDCA Cycle-based, operational planning and execution system.  The plans are brought to life through the Real-Time Planning system which reaches out to internal as well as external constituents to collect real, real-time information about plan status. The system was initially developed in coordination with the Maricopa County, Arizona, Department of Public Health.  We have worked exclusively with Public Health for over 18 years.  Maricopa County along with hundreds of other Dashboard clients, provide continuous feedback and suggestions for the improvement of the system.  As well as being designated by PHAB as a “Fully Demonstrated” Performance Management System in many health departments, the VMSG Dashboard 

encompasses the best practices of the most effective strategic and operational planning methodologies from the Public Health and the academic world. 

A circle with a gold-like shimmer effect.



Our vision is for the VMSG Dashboard to become the industry standard for public health performance management systems



Our mission is to assist all state, local, and tribal health departments with continually improving their deliverables to the community.  

An operational planning and execution system to monitor and track programs and services using real-time data.  Enhances reporting of the results to all stakeholders. 





To ultimately capture all of the needs of public health performance management with the highest quality of service.  

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