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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Public Health Performance Management System?

A Public Health Performance Management System is an all-encompassing tool for Public Health departments to plan, monitor, track, and improve every element of their services and initiatives.


What does the VMSG Dashboard User License include?

The VMSG User License includes: software as a service, hosting, initial setup, online and/or webinar-based user training, and technical support.  In addition, the VMSG offers unlimited document storage.


Does the system require a contract?

Our contracts are annual, and we have a simple “Software as a Service License Agreement."


Do I have to download anything?

No, the VMSG Dashboard is a completely cloud/web-based system that requires no program installation on your systems or in your network.

What are the system requirements to use the Dashboard?


The VMSG Dashboard is a completely cloud/web-based system that requires no program installation on your systems or in your network.  The only requirement is a standard web browser: Google Chrome, Chromium, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari.  No browser plug-ins are required but may be added for additional functionality.


Can it accommodate our custom plans?

The VMSG Dashboard will help you structure all of your plans whether they are existing or customized.


Would your clients be able to change the number of measures or anything without the vendor, or would we have to wait for the vendor to do this for us?

Yes, the entire system is configurable and reconfigurable by the client.  This includes: Org Chart, Services & Initiatives, Goals, Objectives, Activities, Partners, Categories, Users, and Reminders.  


How can the VMSG Dashboard help us with our PHAB Accreditation or Re-Accreditation?

The VMSG Dashboard is exclusive to Public Health and has structured all PHAB accreditation plans into the system.  The VMSG will walk you through the process from application to site review.

Does the Dashboard have the capability to manage the hundred of documents related to accreditation?


Yes. The Dashboard system contains a complete, version-controlled Document Management System. Any type of documents/file can be “attached” to any planning element in the system; Users, Organizations, Groups, Abstracts, Partners, Services/Initiatives, Goals, Objectives and Activities. All documents are stored securely in the Cloud, backed up nightly, and are accessible from anywhere. 


How many users can the system accommodate?


Why is the Dashboard so affordable compared to most? 


The VMSG Dashboard was built in a Public Health Department, for Public Health and has made the decision to stay with Public Health.  This has allowed us to continually customize our system to meet the everchanging needs of public health with constant input from over 230 Health Departments nationwide without incurring any additional overhead to keep it affordable for our community of Public Health.

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