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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the VMSG Dashboard User License include?

The VMSG User License includes: software as a service, hosting, initial setup, online and/or webinar-based user training, and technical support.

Does the system require a contract?


We have a simple “Software as a Service License Agreement”. 

Who actually stores the data?


The data is generally stored at our hosting partner in either Atlanta, GA or Los Angeles, CA. The information is stored on high-performance, secure servers which are backed up nightly. If you choose to internally host the system, the data will be stored on your servers. 


Would your clients be able to change the number of measures or anything without the vendor, or would we have to wait for the vendor to do this for us?

Yes, the entire system is configurable and reconfigurable by the client.  This includes: Org Chart, Services & Initiatives, Goals, Objectives, Activities, Partners, Categories, Users, and Reminders.  

Does the Dashboard have the capability to manage the hundred of documents related to accreditation?


Yes. The Dashboard system contains a complete, version-controlled Document Management System. Any type of documents/file can be “attached” to any planning element in the system; Users, Organizations, Groups, Abstracts, Partners, Services/Initiatives, Goals, Objectives and Activities. All documents are stored in the Cloud and are accessible from anywhere. 

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